HOMECorporate Outline

Corporate Outline

Company Name

Ace International Trade Co., Ltd.


September 2002


30 million yen

President & CEO

Yuichi Shigematsu


Hironori Komatsu
Tetsuya Sumiyoshi
Reiko Izumi

Business Fields

Import and sales of additives for lubricant, liquid for heat insulating of materials, liquid for noise reduction of materials, cutting lubricant, etc.


TOKYO TATEMONO Nihonbashi Bldg. 6F, 1-3-13 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027 Japan
TEL : +81-3-6262-7881 FAX :+81-3-6262-7882

Message from the President

Founded in 2002, ACE INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD., has been providing customers in the automotive and marine industries with the MT-10 series of automotive engine oil additives, as well as BFT, MGI, fuel additives for ships, and Temp-Coat heat shield coatings, etc. ACE has been expanding their business performance based on the belief of "Procure environmentally friendly products from all over the world and deliver them to our customers” as advocated by our founder, Akira Shibasaki.
In recent years, we have developed our marketed products by using our in-house research and development departments that specialize in the automotive and marine industries. Our sales teams promote our products to customers in broader industries and are always looking for opportunities to develop and procure new environmental products to meet the needs of our customers in the future.
We look forward to you, as our valued customers, for continued guidance and input, as we make further efforts to improve customer satisfaction, improve employee satisfaction, and achieve our corporate goals of corporate performance.


1998 June FIRST MARINE & TRADE CO., LTD (President: Akira Shibasaki) starts the import of MT-10 from an American manufacturer of oil additives, Muscle Products Corporation (MPC).
2000 January An exclusive contract for the import and sales of MT-10 is signed with MPC.
2002 September Ace International Trade Co., Ltd. is established.The business of importing and selling oil additives is handed over from FIRST MARINE & TRADE CO., LTD.
2004 April The office is relocated to Hachobori.
2007 February Accumulated sales of MT-10 reaches 1 million units.
2009 June The office is relocated to Nihonbashi.
2010 September Import of containers for semiconductors (Hybox) manufactured by a German company Walther Faltsysteme begins.
October MT-10 is redesigned and launched as MT-10 SUPERIOR.
2011 May Import of MPC’s DT-10 (marine fuel lubricity improver) begins.
September A commemorative ceremony is held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company.
2012 March The office is relocated to Kyobashi (current location).
2013 October Released MT-10 Superior for CLEAN DIESEL.
2014 July Established Ace International Trade USA Co., Ltd. in Denver, Colorado.
Set up Kazusa Laboratory
2020 May Accumulated sales of MT-10 series reaches 10 million units.
November Chairman Akira Shibasaki retired.