Power Breezer® Mach 4

Power Breezer® Mach 4 is a large mist fan, a solution against heat stroke, made in the USA. Fine Mist, Powerful Fan, and Cool Design create a comfortable space whether outdoors or indoors.

Keep Cool your surroundings
with Power Breezer® Mach 4
Realizes a comfortable environment
with human-friendly wind and mist.

The biggest appeal of Power Breezer® Mach 4 is that fine mist efficiently eliminates heat of vaporization and cools the surrounding environment. The large fan and its swing function bring cool air to a wide area, making the size of one tennis court a comfortable space. The fine mist is vaporized immediately and does not wet the floor or surrounding equipment and appurtenances.

Only a 100V power supply and tap water are needed. Mist can be discharged for 40 ~ 60 hours with one-time water supply, reducing cumbersome water supply work. In addition, continuous operation with the fan only is possible without spraying mist. A large moving caster is attached at the bottom of the tank, so Power Breezer® Mach 4 can be moved easily by an adult alone. Without filters, require cleaning or replacement, in the systems, it can be kept up for a long time with simple maintenance.

Power Breezer® Mach 4, being capable of covering such a wide area, consumes power in average of only 990W electricity. Power Breezer® Mach 4 is an electrical appliance that is applicable to the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, is classified as an electric power-applied machine, and displays the PSE mark, so it can be used with confidence.

  1. Oscillating Fan Head
  2. Tank Lid
  3. Casters
  1. Tie Down Hook
  2. Water Tank (322L)
  3. Drain Plug
  • POINT1


    Fan head can be stored in the tank for moving or storing.

  • POINT2


    Easy to move with large casters. Can be transported by lifting it with an overhead crane or a hoist.

  • POINT3

    Easy Maintenance

    With no use of filter, simple cleaning of the tank and they pump always provides clean mist and cool air.

  • POINT4


    High reliability that has obtained PSE mark complied with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law in Japan and the US military standard (MIL-STD-810G).

  • POINT5


    Water circulation system design considering Legionella bacteria prevention.

Power Breezer® Mach 4
Mobile Cooling Technology

No mist nozzle is used, so there is no worry of the nozzle clogging by the chlorine in tap water. It has a large tank and can be operated continuously (44 to 66 hours). Power Breezer® Mach 4 generates fine mist by the atomizing method, so it does not wet the floors, equipments, or metal parts. The fine mist takes away the heat of vaporization of the surrounding environment, carries cool air far by a powerful fan, and creates a comfortable space over a wide area.

  • Large tank

    Large tank

    322L large tank saves troublesome water supply work. Supplying water, by a hose, etc., into the tank with the main unit’s lid opened, Power Breezer® Mach 4 would operates for about a week without a refill (about 8 hours / day).

  • Fine mist generation by atomization

    Fine mist generation
    by atomization

    Fine mist is generated by centrifugal force with applied tap water, sucked up by a pump to a rotating disk. This fine mist efficiently cools the surrounding space.

  • Powerful fan

    Powerful fan

    Powerful fans carry the cooled air far away. In a room like a gymnasium, you can feel the coolness even at a 30m distance.

  • Fine mist × Wind flow = Comfortable space

    Fine mist × Wind flow
    = Comfortable space

    Fine mist

    Lowers the ambient temperature with heat of vaporization

    Wind flow

    Lower the sensory temperature

  • Virtual promotion

    Power Breezer® Mach 4 is a mist fan that cools outdoor and large open spaces, with the unique cooling technology which controls heat of vaporization.

  • Your smartphone
    doesn’t get wet

    We shot video for the mist discharge by a smartphone, without getting its lens wet.

Easy operation and compact storage.

  • Control panel

    Control panel

    Main unit power, head swing, mist, and fan speed can be controlled. The amount of mist is adjusted by the valve in the tank. Equipped with a lock function that does not allow the settings changed, even someone else touches the buttons.

  • Storability and Easy setup

    Storability and
    Easy setup

    The compact design storing the fan head into the own large tank for storage and transportation. The setup requires only two people to put the fan head on the pole; then, just supply water. After that, you can operate the Power Breezer® Mach 4 simply by connecting the plug to the outlet. The body size, at the time of assembly, is 75cm in width, 137cm in depth, and 187cm in height (116cm when stored).

Useful options

  • Power Breezer Ducting Kit (600-039-A)


    Power Breezer
    Ducting Kit

    The duct with a diameter of 61cm and a length of about 3m can be attached to the entire fan head surface for cooling of a desired area.

  • Power Breezer Head Sleeve (600-014-A)


    Power Breezer
    Head Sleeve

    Your design can be printed on the stretchy nylon fabric to be attached to the fan head.

  • Power Breezer Hair Guard (600-030-B)


    Power Breezer
    Hair Guard

    PE mesh (8mm width) can be attached to the back of the fan head to prevent fingers and hair from getting caught.

Product Specification

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  1. Atomizer

    Fine mists are generated by the atomizing method.

  2. Tank Lid

    Be sure to close the lid for safety measures after adjusting the mist volume.

  3. Transport Handle

    Hold this handle to move.

  4. 322L Water Tank

    Large tank eliminates the hassle of water supply.

  5. Drain Plug

    The water in the tank can be easily drained out.

  6. Rear Wheels with Stopper

    Turn the rear wheel stopper ON after moving to the use location.

  1. Fan

    Powerful jet airflow technology with US patents can deliver cool air far away.

  2. Lifting Strap

    Used to take the fan head in and out of the tank.

  3. Fan Head Support Pole

    As rotating in 60 degrees angle, it can deliver cold air over a wide area.

  4. Control Panel

    ON / OFF of power supply, mist generation, and adjustment of air volume can be operated on this panel.

  5. Circuit breaker

    Breaks the circuit when an excessive current is detected in the circuit.

  1. Tank Lid

    Be sure to close the lid for safety measures after adjusting the mist volume.

  2. Transport Handle

    Hold this handle to move.

  3. Transport Casters

    Four large wheels allow the unit to be easily moved.

  4. Tie Down

    Unit Can be fixed onto a pallet or a loading platform using a rope when it is moved for a long distance.

Product number PB10-A-1F-B (50Hz)
PB10-UNIV-B (50Hz, 60Hz shared)
Power supply 100V 15A
Cooling cover area
(one tennis court size)
Effective distance 24 meters
Swing function 60°
Tank capacity 322L: No hose connection required
Operating time
with one-time water supply
Total: 44-66 hours
(5 days or more when 8 hours per day)
Mist spray volume 0.4L–7.6L / hour
Average power consumption 990W 9A
Air volume 396m3 / min
Unit height 119cm (Storing)
187cm (Operating)
Unit width 75cm
Unit depth 115cm (Storing)
137cm (Operating)
Fan head diameter 67cm
Unit weight
(empty tank)
Mist generation technology Generation of fine spray by atomizing method
Noise, filters Not Used
Highly durable caster Rear wheel: 25.4cm (with stopper)
Front wheel: 17.8cm
Tank material LDPE
(low density polyethylene)
  • Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act (PSE Category B)
  • US Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant
  • Certified by Electronic Technology Research Institute (ETL)
  • Mexico Safety Standard (NIM) certified
  • Passed US Military Robustness Test (MIL-STD-810)

Power Breezer® Mach 4
Cools Where No One Else Can

  1. Industrial application

    • Manufacturing plants that use a lot of heat sources such as cement, paper, glass, ceramics, rubber, steel, metal, etc.
    • Repair shop, processing shop, etc.
    • Assembly line
    • Warehouse and material loading port
    • Construction site
    • Distribution warehouse, material storage
    • Aircraft hangars, work and repair areas
    • Unloading airport cargo
    • Car maintenance and repair shop
  2. Commercial application

    • Hotel and restaurant terrace seating
    • Amusement facilities including large amusement parks
    • Outdoor exhibitions, event areas, and inside tent structures
    • Product entrance and truck yard
  3. Sports

    • Outdoor facilities

      Soccer, rugby, American football, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, hockey, beach volleyball, athletics, cycling, etc.
    • Indoor facilities

      Tennis, futsal, basketball, handball, pool, gymnastics, judo, kendo, martial arts, boxing, sports club, training gym, weight training, etc.
    • Gymnasium with wooden floor
    • Cool zone for players and spectators
  4. Dairy, livestock, agriculture

    • Barns, stables
    • Vinyl house fertilizer spraying
    • Spraying chemicals for sterilization purposes
    • Spraying deodorant
  5. Disaster relief

    • Sterilization measures against influenza, virus, etc. (Spraying fine mist of disinfectant)
    • Humidification measures in winter (cold prevention)
    • Temporary medical care area
    • Evacuation site heat measures